Benjamin Franklin Was Really Onto Something

With no real formal education behind his belt (he was only schooled until the age of 10), Benjamin Franklin went on to become one of the most important figures, not only in American history, but in the entire world’s.

He wasn’t just an American President, he was a successful writer, businessman, a scientist and inventor, and a revolutionary. His achievements were so great before even mentioning his ushering in a new era for America through independence.

All this just by teaching himself to read.

Amongst his greatest achievements, Benjamin Franklin was a mentor. He believed that if you really want to teach, you need to involve your protege, not just tell or show them.

Another of his quotes is “learn one thing every day”. His wisdom was lived by him, not just told to everyone else. This is why his achievements and advice are so important and relevant even today.

Benjamin Franklin really was onto something…