Safe discussion platform

A platform for students and mentors alike to safely ask for advice and direction without judgement or concern.

Experienced mentors

The Academy offers you the unique experience of working with star mentors who have done it all before and are excited to share their knowledge with new students!

Q&A sessions!

We offer our students opportunities to chat with our mentors and coaches, and pick their brains about the course content, or ask custom questions in real time video or webinar format!

Preparation for real-time scenarios

We will discuss and work with you to prepare yourself for common scenarios occurring throughout your work, ensuring you are well-equipped to deal with challenging problems as they arise.

Discounts and freebies!

We work closely with mentors, coaches and various other businesses to offer you details on discounted or free tickets for seminars, workshops and potential collaborations to further your learning.

Extras, extras, extras!

We will provide you with templates for work and tips of videos, podcasts and books we believe will be beneficial to your development, and host events to create networking opportunities to further your career and your group of colleagues!

Latest and greatest

Your coaches and mentors will keep you in the know of all the latest knowledge and trends in the industry, ensuring you never fall behind on what you need to know!

As information and updates come to hand, we’ll let you know… we promise we won’t spam you!

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