Testers; What and Why?!

It’s no secret I have a soft spot for testers. I have been fortunate to work with some amazing people. While I am no expert, I believe testing is pretty important and shouldn’t be scrimped on.

What is testing?


The first test of code, traditionally completed by the Dev who wrote it. Personally, I usually get cranky if the test team are left to be the first to ever test the code – not cool.


System Integration Testing, the time I’m happy to let the test team loose. If lucky it will be conducted in a separate environment from where the code was cut, often called Sys, to allow the dev team to continue coding.


This should occur whenever there is a release of code on top of an existing release to ensure the new code doesn’t break the old.


These tests measures the solution under load. What happens when 100,000 users do the same task.

User Acceptance Testing

This is conducted by the users. A test of the UX and the business readiness. This should be completed in an environment close to production, to replicate ‘real life’ and ‘new world’.

Production Verification Testing

This is the final check to ensure everything has been released with no hiccups.

Thoughts? Have I forgotten or described differently to your experience?