Questions with Emma

Earlier this year, members of our team asked Emma, our founder, to answer some questions to get to know her better. Read below to find out all about our Eva creator!


Can you tell me the one word you wish everybody would stop using?

Anything that was born from a reality TV show would make me cringe- so everything in this article:


But from a business sense – hustle has to take the biscuit quickly followed by the bad use of entrepreneur….if you haven’t earned it, don’t use it!

What do you love most about Australia?

Forget Finding Nemo…it’s all about finding Crush.  From my very first time out on the Great Barrier Reef it was love. I love turtles and being out on the ocean is just the best.  

I always say as soon as I can smell the salt of the ocean, my batteries fall out – it really is my absolute happy place.

What do you miss most about Britain?

Oooh if you’d said ‘who’ it would be my niece and nephew – being so far away while they grow up sucks.  But ‘what’ do I miss….hmm it would have to be the accessibility to European countries….so many culinary cultures that are only a short flight away

What’s the most British thing about you?

My love for tea – I enjoy a morning coffee but I’m a huge tea lover.  T2 is my candy shop: French Earl Grey and Creme Brulee are staple favs, however I’ve just discovered New York Breakfast.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs every day – Bellamy my 4yo dally is the other man in my life!

Window or aisle seat?


What is something you will not be doing in ten years?  

Hesitating about desert

Favourite dessert?

Anything and everything!!

Favourite app?

I suppose I have to say Shazam 😛

What do you do to relax?

Cook or bake or both – I love just opening up any old recipe book and picking something completely different.

Television show you’ve binged on recently?

Vikings – not by choice….(Alex), I’m really not into TV