Introduction to Eva Academy from Emma

Earlier this year we asked Emma to answer a couple of questions about Eva Academy and what it was to her… read below!


In regards to Eva Academy, who are you?

The dreamer – it was my idea to stop complaining about the educational resources available to aspiring PM’s and to try and offer something that leverages their workplace environment.


What is Eva Academy?

To me Eva is the personal development plan I would have loved in my early 20s.  A framework to assist the attainment of a qualification through demonstrable capability in the workplace.  


As a project coordinator, I shadowed a number of PM’s following them up and down the country supporting them in client meetings etc and loved it, but when it came to my own career progression the response was simply ‘stay with us long enough and you’ll become a project manager’.  The years passed and I never had any training. They even offered Prince 2 training to a guy who started after me saying I had to be able to drive before being considered – I was on and off crutches with 2 prolapsed discs (which I later had surgery for), but was still able to do my job as working from home was not an option for me.  I eventually left that role, a little heartbroken, with nothing but my limited experience. I wasn’t an undesirable candidate – I know I had so much to offer, but as the GFC started to hit, my lack of qualifications did limit my future applications.


I want to be able to show organisations how easy it is to embed vocational based training in their workplace to prevent this story happening again.


Apart from Eva Academy, what do you do for a living?

As much as I have spent over half of my career in the the project delivery space, I truly enjoy improving project governance.  Therefore I spend a lot of my time assessing PM’s and PMOs providing insights on how to improve and uplift their maturity and capability, as well as auditing the health and strategic alignment of projects, programs and portfolios.


Though setting up/managing the uplift of PMO’s has to be a personal fav – reviewing over templates, processes, tools and engagement techniques with other parts of the business.


Delivering projects and project remediations are good to do – ensuring the delivery of the value that was initially intended, but I really want to focus my effort on ensuring the PMs/PMOs are best equipped to deliver.