What’s Your Avatar?

What’s your avatar?

Hold on… I’m not talking about the movie… I’m still talking projects.

Still lost?

Ok, what even is an avatar?

So in Agile we use avatars on our agile walls.  Avatars are small representations of the team members.  I’ve seen Top Cat to Wonder Woman—avatars rarely look like their owners, unless you are using photos. (And what’s the fun in that? Boring!!)

So why use avatars?

They help remind and inform everyone what is going on with the individual User Stories. When you look at a team’s Agile Board, you can see which team member is working on which User Story. It’s a fun way of tracking work that is very visual.

Here are a couple of my past avatars… 


(10 points if you can name them all!)

So what should your avatar look like?

I believe that avatars can be anything – though some would say photos are better as its easier to track a person down.

Here’s my current avatar….

Pasted Graphic.tiff

There’s obviously no such thing as the ideal avatar. Every team is different, and every agile board should reflect their circumstances.

Just keep it simple.

So…. what’s your avatar?